Happy Friday, Filipina Fanatics. Some of you have been clamoring for some cream-pied Pinay clam here lately, so we think you’ll be happy with what we have on the menu today. Our latest “Catch of the Day” comes from our European friend, Steven, who just returned from a recent “fishing” trip in our beloved Philippines.

On this occasion, he scans the bay area in Manila just off of Roxas Blvd to find himself what they call there in the PI, a “stand-by” girl. A “stand-by” girl is basically a freelancer who hangs out around known tourist/girl meeting points, which this particular area by the Bay is.

This mid-20 something isn’t the most spectacular Pinay you’ll ever see, but when you’re in need of a quick load dumping in the middle of the day, plain-jane types like her will do just fine. (the hottest ones usually don’t wake up until 4pm)

Steven got her in a trike and off they were to a short-time room for some quick & unpretentious action. That meant very little small talk, and a very lot of shallow, meaningless sex acts between strangers. Just the way we like it!

But the culminating result of their sordid actions was the risky creampie Steven dumped right in her delightfully shaved pussy. There ya go creampie fans!

After sleeping off their afternoon bang til sundown, they shared a trike back to the nightlife area where they went their separate ways, undoubtedly in search of their next shameless encounter. All’s well that trikes well!