Welcome back everyone! This week, John’s search started off much easier than most do since Kiwi (the Not-so-innocent 3-holer) messaged John asking if he’d meet up with a friend of hers. When pussy gets recommended by past pussy, it’s usually a good thing… so how could anyone say “no” to that, right?

With help from a tuktuk driver, John finally reunited with Kiwi and got to meet the lovely Oam. Coming from farmland just outside of Bangkok, a pretty face, loves tattoos and sporting enticing cleavage with a killer pair of legs, John was already getting excited as to what this night may bring for him. Luckily, being recommended to him by a friend like this, she already knew what she was getting into and there was no need for sweet-talking and trickery to get her back at the hotel room quickly. Yes, I know guys… I was secretly hoping that BOTH girls would end up in the spotlight in this episode too but lets be honest here, once you get a good look at what John was about to have wrapped around his pork-sword, one could not help but be thankful for there being no distractions with a second girl in the mix.

Oam is truly a girl next door, as evident by her her little flaws, perfections and that “look” she gives her white knight here. Truly a diamond in the rough with this one. Happy, horny and excited to be with this foreigner, she patiently posed for the photographs and let John slowly disrobe her for each shot. Nice boobs, slim (yet curvy) figure and an ass that while appearing to be scarred from working the farm, was so perfect and round, that John just could not wait any longer to plunge his manhood into her from behind before even getting his own clothes off! Sometimes you just gotta plug it in! There’s really something exciting about slowly disrobing and then fucking a girl at sight of her ass with such fever like this, that we are actually very surprised John was able to slow himself down enough, before he spent himself too early, and get some head. Nice and slow blowjob. She really loves to play with her tongue!

Then, it was her turn to fuck him back. Oam mounted, slowly stuffed her pussy then worked herself into a full spin cycle as she pounded onto him, let her bust jiggle above him and finally, after even being laid on her back, she couldn’t help but keep leaning herself up into it and bursting into a few orgasms. John was then presented with her lovely ass and and proceeded to bang her as quick as he could without cuming too soon (you can see him holding back a few times as best as he could, haha) but eventually was unable to hold back any longer and filled that slimy tight hole of hers with all of his DNA before sending her off to the showers, buck-legged and sore!

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny!