Hey! Welcome back. John sent us in this little love-affair he had in his hotel on his latest trip to Thailand. He picked up this beauty named Aoy with a fantastic chubby ass (of which type John really seems to be digging lately) that didn’t mind frolicking around with him in his hotel room. In fact, this girl loved his Western-attention! May she was trying to find a reason for him to stay around or maybe she was trying to take herself off the market for 9 months, who knows, but this fine ass Thai bitch took a load of cum deep within her loins like it was an anticipated treat for her.

John found this lovely fine ass Thai out at the bars and once he spotted her, he knew he had to stalk (if you call walking beside a chick with camera right in her face, stalking, haha) and introduce himself to her. What a pair of legs, too! There’s something absolutely invigorating about watching a well-put-together rear-end atop such a fine pair of legs as she walks along… John dropped a simple question: “You want to stay with me?” to which she replied agreeably to his request. Man, if it were just that easy in the Western world, we wouldn’t have TukTuk Patrol! Or maybe she sensed just how obsessed John was with her body and knew she would get what she wanted…

Once back at the hotel, it became even more clear to her that this man was obsessed with her ass. Once posing a little and taking a few pictures, it was immediately time to explore her “wow factor” and get more up close and personal with her fine ass Thai features! Smooth, phat, moist and split by a nice shaved crack… what more could a man ask for when presented to him?!

After much pussy munching, finger-banging, dick-sucking (which this bitch was quite good at, by the way!), John stuffed his one-eyed weasel into her smooth, warm and slippery moist hole and did what any man would do… fucked it in every position that he could see her ass in it’s fully glory and until he filled her up with his liquid appreciation! To me, the hottest part was seeing her getting fucked the whole time, while still in her now-soaked black thong pushed aside to give ample reach at her warm, pulsing and horny pussy hole! For her, it was only natural to give her a creampie filling… since we suspect this is exactly what she’s been after. Then, just like that, she fucked off and made herself scarce! Mission… success! Maybe she WAS just after that 9-month vacation, afterall.

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny!