Hey guys! Welcome back for another update. This time, John brings us a very beautiful, plump and cheery 20 year old girl named Apple. No, she’s not a big girl by any means, but the ample amount of padded plush all around her were more than enough to give us views of great pleasure while admiring her padded stature, plump round ass and cute brace-laden smiles. This girl couldn’t even spit in English if she tried. Lucky for us, orgasms and hole-stuffing is a universal vocabulary that can quickly be translated with intent, the right touches and a smile that says it all. En-route to the hotel, John already made an acute foreboding observation of this girl’s bubble-butt waddle… so yes, you’re in for a treat, my friends 🙂

There’s something adoringly cute about this girl. The fun-loving nature, easy going demeanor and beautiful body with lots to offer merely a few moments away, we were at the edges of our seats waiting to see how dirty this simple girl next door from Bangkok will go. Apple posed very well for the photos and really seemed to be into it. Between that phat ass of hers and the innocent attempts to flirt with John using only her smiles and enthusiasm, John could no longer wait. Unbuttoning his pants and presenting her with a cheery one-eyed pecker snake, Apple here very curiously stroked, admired and offered her mouth to him for a gentle mouth-fucking and generously slow blowjob as she intently stared at his dick. She was really liking it!

Obviously, one could not be satisfied at the mere sight of her beautiful face alone, it was time to explore, strip and FUCK that sweet ass of hers! Shorts and panties pulled down, John began to plow her from behind as her pussy squeezed, clenched and sputtered with excitement as the rhythm raced up! The sound of her pussy getting fucked alone should tell it all. Not wanting to end it all so soon, John laid her back, parted those sweet soft thighs of hers and gave her an oral pleasure-fest of licks to not only return her oral favors, but also to give his dick some time calm down from that doggiefuck still fresh in his mind.

After pummeling her some more, this time in missionary, John then worked her from underneath awhile before turning her around once again to take her squishy hole form behind in reverse-cowgirl and up against the wardrobe. Understandably, John could just not get enough of that ass and to make lasting memories all that more exciting, one must take that phat ass any way you can! Before dosing her ovaries in baby-batter while enjoying the view, John flipped her back down again to stretch his race to the finish line in style with a creampie deep inside her hairy, wet and pulsing pussy. The look on her face in the end was priceless… Like an Ora of satisfaction with a disturbed, yet excitable, question running around in her mind about fertility and one-night stands.

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny!