February 24, 2012 » Arcel, the Freelancer on Fields

I decided to visit Fields Avenue again tonight. Wanted to take a girl from the bars. I think it’s a healthy release once a week or so. Instead, however, I went to a short time hotel with a cute petite girl named Arcel I met walking on Fields; probably a free-lancer. Her English was poor and she was shy to talk but we didn’t need many words to understand that she wanted boom-boom for a little cash.

Even once we got here to the room, she was still very shy and was continuously texting and looking at her phone. After a while, she finally told me why she was so quiet and preoccupied: she was in a bad mood because of a fight with someone earlier today. That was why she didn’t like to make a video with me maybe, so I had to go into “secret mode” again 😉 But when she eventually found out I was filming, she let me do my thing and didn’t seem to mind anymore. I guess her bad mood was all gone. Overall, it was great sex with Arcel! I simply love petite girls. She then fell fast asleep for the night after showering. Still is asleep here while I’m typing this as a matter of fact.