Hey guys, welcome back for another update from streets of Bangkok, Thailand, a city that seriously fits it name as we are about to find out once again. This time, John was out scouting for pussy near the Thai-Japanese Friendship bridge in Bangkok, where we can plainly see all sorts of cuties around. Notice the ones in the gold and black dresses? If only… if only. Anyways, heading down into the depths of the MRT and then off to one of John’s favorite hunting grounds, he soon spotted a few damsels that would do well under the duress and pressure of his cock but but finally it was when a woman approached him and just started walking with him that we found our target, named Bee. After some time, she agreed to take a few photos along their walk then took some time to get to know her. This 19 year old works in a bar and judging by her lack of shyness and clothes, I bet we can already guess what her ‘position’ is in that bar. It’s almost like John is the one getting picked up and trolled for sex here though, isn’t it? Naw, it’s our pussy-Yoda’s charisma. These girls just know.

After finally finding a tuktuk and heading back to John’s hotel with little hesitation, Bee here plopped herself down to the edge of the bed, let out a nice little “You’re about to get fucked” kind of smile and proceeded to pose on the bed in her super-short overalls then soon posing on the floor with her wet mouth offered to him. She knows what he wants, but John also knows she wants it just as bad. So, being one no to waste any more time, he snaked it out from his jeans and gave her something to work on. Tongue sliding, licking, teasing with her tongue piecing, she even took it in as far as she could while slowly mouth-fucking him but hey, lets face it… these girls aren’t really built for putting this much meat into their jowls 🙂 Still, a deep-throat it is.

Frumpy as she may be in some ways, what a soft and delicious little body here on this one. Amazing in (and disrobed of) her black bra and panties, we soon discover that perfectly shaped and invitingly soft black bush as well as her perfectly shaped little tits. Quite perky. The piece-DE-resistance, my friends, was the view of that phabulous phat as of hers with that long soft and straight black hair reaching down just above it. Stunning. Bent over, we also see that the plump nature of her glutes is also shared with the mound and fullness of her pussy. Spreading those meaty mounds apart, wetness ensues… just a glistenin’ with anticipation. Quick, diner time! Like a pig at the troph of life, John gorged on her tremendously deep, yet tight, puss and worked her up into a fervor that could only be quenched by stretching her phat little mutt-hole to the bone.

Bent over, she took it like a champ right where she offered it to him. Clenching with each thrust, they work into a fast rhythm of decadence that damn near ended this video too early to make it on Tuktuk Patrol but thankfully for us, he was able to retain his composure when faced with that billowing mound of ass cheeks shakin’ up a tremor on his dick as he pounded the fuck right out of her… that is what we do after-all, isn’t it? On top, she was an animal! Tired, sore and worn out already, she continued to push her body to keep up her rhythm as she announced in some garbled words, that we was about to cum on his cock. Can’t keep up the rhythm, time for switch!

Still on top, in reverse-cowgirl this time, she continued to fuck that white dick with every ounce of energy she could muster while grinding down HARD on him and racing to her orgasm, no matter the pain being stuck up so deep could bring… so close… so close little darlin’. Taking her from the side now, she comes closer and closer to success but it was time to give her what she wanted, and time to give that pussy what it really wants, a deep fast and furious barrage of cock that drives them both into a thundering orgasm deep within the bush. Well, that was messy and satisfying wasn’t it?

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny!