Welcome back to Tuktuk Patrol. On a warm evenin’ last week, John headed out in a fancy tuktuk that picked him up and proceeded to go looking for a girl. It honestly didn’t take very long until he came upon one standing all alone on the sidewalk. Quickly, they brought the tutkuk to a stop and he jumped out to ask if she wanted to go for a ride. Looking like a girl who’s in for a good time, done up in makeup, torn fashion jeans and a nice bum… there was no question whether she would be interested or not. On way to hotel room to make pictures, we learn that she’s adorned in nice tats and can speak a bit of English. Kind of shy, so far, but I’m sure that’s more of a language barrier than anything. Besides, once presented with John’s ambition and admiration, she’s warm up with more smiles. Of which, she sure did.

Once back at the hotel room and posting while still clothed, it’s already very apparent that this girl has some junk int he trunk.. but the real surprise was when this girl departed ways with her sweater and we are faced with an incredible pair of tits. As John so elegantly put it, “We have a winner!”. Round, billowing, soft and yet still firm in her youth, one best hope that her soon-to-be naked and exposed ass is just as good, otherwise we might just end up with an update featuring nothing but her boobs. Sure enough, once those panties hit the floor and she rolled over on the bed for more photos, we are presented with an impeccable phat ass that while bordering on the lines of thunder-thighs, offers ample visual stimuli that we get an all-encompassing view of visual debauchery and sexual pleasures.

Wearing nothing but her bra and bent over in doggiestyle for more snaps with the camera, John soon forgets all about the aforementioned sweater-meat surprise (trust me, it’s worth the wait) and unable to help himself to remain contained, it’s only a moment before his snake sneaks out of his jeans like a cobra rising to the music of her phat, willing, wet and inviting pussy and ass before he stuffs it in, hands-free, between the lips of her hungry mollusc of love and fervently fucks that pussy like it depended on his pleasure, of which it did. Judging by the look on her face, one would say that the pleasure was well-received.

While still in doggystyle position and taking a break to slow things down before we ended up with a 13-minute video, John then presents his still dripping-in-her-juices cock for some oral attention and that sweet little face of hers adoringly (and invigoratingly softly) sucked on the first few inches for a good 5-minutes before attention finally returned to her mounds of love that were still trapped within that treat-denying bra. Once removed, we are presented with one of the best pair of tits that we’ve ever seen here! Honest to fuck, I gotta go grab a towel after enjoying watching those billowing mounds of pleasure hangin’ heavy as she embarked on a surprisingly agile exploration in 69-position, pelvic grinding and all, and subsequently mounting him atop as we get the most invigorating view of plump love bearing down what nature gave her. Hot damn… smilin’ ear to ear, she sure shows her pleasure for shovin’ womb to belly-button as she full bore pounded him gently, yet firm, and spun upon the furthest reaches of her womb, like a love poem written in dick across the cervical rim of motherhood.

Many more position changes, more 69 and a doggiestyle creampie-of-titans later, we come to that point in the movie that we’re always waiting to see, but at the same time are sad that it’s over: a creampie to give her ample reason to stumble and rush to the shower!

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny… of which I’m sure you will as you revisit this quiet top-heavy phat-assed little piece of heaven over and over again.