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Well, her scars have healed up, but not her penchant for engaging in scandalous sex videos with boorish foreign men. Thank the LBFM gods for that!

As the King illustrates perfectly in the video, Candy sexuality has matured quite a bit in 6+ months, even if her English hasn’t. But let’s face it guys, we don’t come to the Philippines for discussions about nuclear astrophysics or how to separate cranially co-joined twins within the womb. We come for the pussy! Nice and easy pussy, with little talk and no strings attached.

Candy here, is the perfect candidate for such a desire. Young, gorgeous and short on words. Ready to spread her beautifully shaved, low-mileage twat at the drop of a hat. Where else in the World is it this damn fun and easy? You can try to tell us, but we won’t care to listen. Once you’ve found the PI, nothing else matters.

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