Hey guys. I hope you have a good 3 hours of fap-time and about 1.25 liters of lube ready because this next episode is everyone’s vacation wet-dream and you’ll want to watch 6 times in a row, I’m sure! Imagine, out on a hunt for girls at the beach when you spot a Thai woman so beautiful, so sexy and so sophisticated-looking with her amazing tats (tits, too… lol) and beautiful full, lush lips just begging to be treated to a wet-dream-cum-true of her lifetime, too. Girls like this are too beautiful to approach, we all know this but the truth is, us men have this instinct of sex that just drives us to push boundaries way out of even our own leagues. It generally pays off. The alpha-male instinct takes over.

This girl is just plain fucking sexy, holy crap guys. She was very receptive to John’s attention, even wanting his help adjusting her bikini top and allowing some of the most pervy and intimate views that any stranger should be able to see on a beach without getting smacked by a purse. Just because she is in the presence of the Great John Tron, but most importantly, because of John’s alpha male instincts coming out in full-form here. Even after this perfect-stranger admiring her beautiful body in full view, she was still more than willing to pose for pictures and video at the waters edge. My god man, what a view! Just the right mix of sophistication, sexiness, loose morals, addiction to ink and natural physical beauty right here guys. Plus, being a MILF at her 22 years of ripe age is more than John can handle in terms of anticipation too so, he got her back to the hotel as quick as he could once it all sunk in.

I know what you’re saying, the tits are fake. Yes, I know. In this special case nobody cares, man! Just take this dirty, hot, classy and willing-to-do-anything-for-a-dime babe all in. Damn. I knew you’d agree.

This babe’s got youngin’ to feed as well so contrary to her “I’m not a toy” tattoo, she was more than eager and willing to pose, tease, play and showed him how much she appreciated him by meticulously sucking his dick using those lush lips and and that wet & eager tongue of hers. In return, John went into animal mode, pushed her bikini bottoms aside and started hammering away balls deep inside of her 2-finger-tight box like she was a personal made-to-abuse-and-use toy until she creamed up on him while dreaming of her pay-day, his white dick and most-importantly, all the stuff his bigger-than-she’s-used-to dick could do to her in every position her threw her in. Once on top in cowgirl, she showed us the very skills that earned her that tummy scar to begin with. No man could survive a view and feeling like this, so he blasted her up deep and long while they enjoyed the thrusting of fluids and pulsations of his dick… They spent some time admiring and taking it all in then…

After a short pause to take off her bikini, John stuffed his wand deep within her pussy again (this time in doggy-position) and fucked her like a steam locomotive pounding through on full-throttle and blasted her insides with so much white-man DNA that we worry about the shape of that body of hers 9 months from now, haha!

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny!