December 10, 2016 » Chat with Mutmee / Mint shower

I got a message from Mint last night, a girl that I once shot for Tuktuk Patrol. She needed money and asked if she could come over. Bargirls are having a hard time since the mourning of their King. They are all looking for extra cash.

Mint arrived at 3am. So late, I was pissed. I was too tired to fuck, so I expected to do a shoot in the morning but Mint started to suck my dick at 6am, saying that she had to be at home before 9am. WTFCK. I just let her do it. I fucked her but had no energy to shoot. I woke up at 8am and she was already taking a shower. Just before leaving, she was calling a guy, so I decided to fuck her while she was on the phone. My little revenge 😉

The good news came this afternoon when Mutmee, from Koh Chang, sent me a self-made video message on her iPhone. Now you can see for yourself how flirty she is. She went inside of the rooms of her hotel and made this video on the bed for me. I know that I definitely need to book a room there but I decided to wait. She left me hanging for 2 days without any message and that was a bad sign. I sent her an angry message, yesterday, saying that I was not happy. That must have inspired her to make this video now.

Anyways, this video was really cool and I am going to plan that trip, for sure, but I am not telling her yet. This video inspired me to ask her for a favour so I will ask her to send me a nude pic of her from inside of one of these hotel rooms… lets see how she reacts 😉