Hey all, welcome back to Tuktuk Patrol. This update, we bring you another magic episode from John. This time, he was about to go for a prowl in the 3-wheeler, when he decided to take a look around first and see if the pussy-hound could find some prey before venturing out. Lots of girls around. Lots of people hustling about. Couple really cute ones ended up in his crosshairs but a man also knows that not all hunts end successfully. Carrying on, we take notice of a cutie in black jeans with a gray top on that strolled on into view. The energy with this one was immediately noticeable. She was definitely dancing to a tune in a little world of her own. If one could read minds, all one would hear is Marcy Playground’s “I Smell Sex and Candy” for a soundtrack, I swear. Smiling ear to ear… John immediately engaged in his prey and seized this opportunity to give her little world a rockin’ of his own.

Eager to pose for photographs, John offered her a ride in a Tuktuk and before long, had her interested in going back to his hotel room to take more photos. Ah, what a beauty. Never minding the poorly-balanced and tuned 2-stroke joker this old Tuktuk blessed us with for a background soundtrack of our own, we learn that she’s not a very good English-speaker but makes up for it in communicating with her visual cues and surprisingly still-good understanding of the English language at least. Perfect blend, I must say. It’s invigorating, to men like us. Cute braces, pretty smile, petite physique and cute little feet. I wondered what else she’s soon got to offer once the heat builds up in the hotel room.

I must confess that we became quite excited living vicariously through John on this one. This is a real-life true case of “right time, right place” that began to unfold for us all next. Girls like this just cannot be found, no matter how hard we try to find them… we are plainly blessed with them, I must admit. I’m not saying she’s the cutest, I’m not saying that she’s the wildest… heck… I’m not even saying she’s any of our top 5… but once this girl playfully disrobes after many many poses for her new best friend John here, we get treated with a delectable view of baby-phat beauty in form of delicious light near-perfect skin, a pillowy-soft little bubble butt that loves attention and a tight-quarters cowgirl-loving spin-top pussy that drained every ounce of manhood John had left once this maiden was laid on the bed and given a good proper fucking. Done. It’s enough to make a grown man weak in the knees… but still want more.

Until next time guys… stay happy, stay safe and stay horny!