It’s Mr. X back in the Philippines once again. This lucky bastard is based in another Southeast Asian country not far away, providing ample opportunity to moonlight as a Trike Patrolman in the Philippines every chance he gets. Most of us schmucks need to schlep our sorry asses halfway around the World to get here, requiring months of planning and weeks of vacation time from our real lives.

But some like Mr. X are fortunate enough to have found the perfect life-balance of work & play. After his disgustingly short flight back into Manila, he texts a few of his past pieces of easy Pinay teenaged ass. It’s like a game, you see. Whoever replies first wins the ding-dong.

Lucky for him and us, the scrumptiously tiny teenager Elaine was quickest on her phone and was at Mr. X’s hotel before his plane’s engine fully cooled. You may remember her from such Trike Patrol episodes as Student Body Totty, where her motivated young mouth and tight tiny little pussy led to a huge smattering of man-creme dripping down her back and slit. And what’s more, she did it all with a smile!

This meeting was no different other than she had perhaps a bit more skill with a dick in her hands, and maybe a few more miles on her still-snug snapper. The resulting finish is what makes guys for the 4 corners of the globe travel so long & far; the beautiful sight of a pretty smiling Filipina teen with her ass up in the air and your cum drizzled across her back!