Hey guys n gals, welcome back for another episode John recently sent in to us. This time, he visited a different district near King’s Palace to see what kind of luck could be had down there. Turns out, just sitting down to eat, a girl can magically appear! Ok, maybe that’s not exactly what went down but unfortunately, due to privacy concerns of the little sidewalk eatery, John was not able to film the actual approach and introduction to this girl. From what we are told, she was walking by and stopped in to get something to drink when John invited her to come sit with him, before hatching a plan to get her away with him into a tuktuk so he could resume filming.

21 year old Fa, clearly not that good at speaking English, was very friendly (sporting a smile the whole ride to the hotel regardless of not uttering a single word) was eager to go on a date with this foreign bloke at his hotel room. What we could learn from John, though, was that she was also not a girl that does this. A true girl next door that was at the right place, at the right time, for an opportune hookup, with a kinky flair… making a porn shoot! We don’t get a whole lot of verbal interaction between the two, which is just as well, until the communications were made in the physical and flirtatious form once in the privacy of John’s room.

Fa here loved to pose and clearly enjoyed the attention that her youthful beauty brought from this man. There’s an infectious innocence about her, both physically and in attitude. Beautiful, supple and perfect little breasts that were both tight and firm, yet soft and comforting at the same time as they peer out proud into the world, yet bashful in beauty. Being as we already discovered that she is a first-timer, it was no surprise that she was shy to drop her panties. Still eager to go all the way, she let us all have peaks but still hiding her private areas from view whenever she got the least bit excited. My god man, you could almost smell her pussy’s desire!

Once naked, Fa reaches that point of no return for herself. Shyness fades, intent grows. She gives us all ample views, ones that even prove her wetness growing with each snap of a photo. I can almost sense the carnal urge growing inside of her, can you? Touched and having her tiny pussy freshly eaten out and with his dick in her hand, her whole demeanor is one of being infatuated with his girth, and eager to fulfill John’s desires.

Her tiny mouth unable to get very far with it and hoping there might be room for it somewhere else that can’t wait to play with his dick, Fa mounts his cock from the edge of the bed. My god man, she’s sooo tiny! Just getting warmed up and into the groove, she even had to slow down her moves, else having to end the video too soon. Recovered, we are launched into a barrage of orgasms and ass, boob, blowjob & pussy views that will likely cause 90% of us to have to make this episode viewing-session a 3-4 or even 5 part experience.

With that said, I have to go clean up early. Watching this scene, I am sure I don’t even have to say it but until next time, stay happy and stay horny!