March 4, 2017 » Fai

I texted a few of my girls in town this morning and Fa was the first to reply. She had a friend for me, saying that she is skinny and only 19yo. I IMMEDIATELY said “yes” and we met at 7pm. I was a bit early arriving at the restaurant that we agreed to meet at, so I walked around and visited a fabric store opposite of the meeting point.

At 7, Fa and her friend Fai arrived. I liked her. A lot. Indeed very skinny and innocent-looking.

We talked a bit and then we went to my hotel. Fa waited outside while I was discovering, undressing and enjoying her best friend. Thai girls are really wonderful.

Fai was a great girl, though less innocent than I expected her to be. She loves to pose and especially loves to suck dick. The big mirror in my room was very useful for this shoot. Great start of my new visit to Chiang Mai, right?!

I am going to rent a bike tomorrow and visit nature around the city!