June 8, 2012 » Felicity Morning Revenge

Felicity texted me at 3am in the morning. She knew I was back in AC because I texted her a few days ago. She told me that she missed me but in fact that just really means: “I had no customers this week, needs cash and a place to sleep.” Anyways, I don’t care, so long as I can fuck her for free. When she arrived she told me she has her menstruation. Fuck it. Of course, that’s why she didn’t have customers this week. So we went to sleep immediately.

But in the morning I woke up with her hand on my dick and I took the chance for my revenge. She complained a little but I knew that she liked it. I kicked her out of my room and slept 4 more hours after our morning fuck. I decided to stay in my room again and watched the movie Carrie. One of my favorites.