Welcome back guys n gals n everything in between! This week, John headed out to a new favorite huntin’ ground of his at a local park. Lumphinee park or something? Couldn’t quite make it out but anyways, he discovered that a lot of girls from the back provinces tend to hang out here and of course, the always-available and always-ready short-time girls. Almost immediately, he spotted one standing near a tree trying to look busy but really only looking desperate to meet a foreigner or local on his way out to “lunch” for a quickie. She noticed him pretty quick, herself, and once approached, she immediately smiled and wanted to spark up a conversation. John’s right, this definitely is already shaping up to be one of the quickest tuktuk pickups yet.

After already posing for a photo, John asked her to go with him in the tuktuk and asked if she could show her new farang friend here what a Thai lady can do for a “nice” foreigner, while she eyed him up and with a look that already says “Damn, hope my hole can do this!”, but eager to get going to wherever this tourist planned to take her to. This 21 year old doll was beaming with delight, huge beautiful smiles, wonderful eyes and a body that would have most of us already uttering motorboat sounds under our breath at first glance on her chest-tattoo. Legs, olive skin and braces… enough fucking around… time to get this beauty back to the hotel for what you’re all logging in now to see. Exciting!

Once back at the room and testing the waters to what she was willing to do, John began photographing her in that cute short dress (and all stages of it coming off!) when we discover that although her tits are not as big as we thought they would be once uncovered, the were still large enough to swing, sway and bounce in all stages of copulation! She also has an amazing venus-shaped ample body (and nice phat shapely ass to match it) that only begs more and more to be touched, debauched and stuffed by the man with the trouser ham. Inspecting further, you can’t help but notice that muff. Yes, perfect for catching that creampie before it hits the sheets! But more perfect because although it’s dark as a 4-season barbecue bristle, it’s as soft and airy as a shag bear rug!

Tasting perfect, he treated her to an oral delight, showed her how to suck like a pro (well, she tried to anyways – just too much for that little mouth!) and after throwing her around in many positions just to see how good this girl could ride, we were treated with the ultimate doggiestyle fuck and creampie in the end that will have your own ham hunting for a bush to bury itself in.

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny!