Welcome back again guys and happy July 4th! John was trying his luck at a local late-night hangout spot where he sat on the steps waiting for something interesting to pass by. It’s only a matter of time before tall white and handsome here is noticed by a girl with coital desire, or one would think anyways. However, it was a girl across the way that he noticed first and he had to approach. Quite a shy girl, I must say, but cute none-the-less. Her name is Gib and surprisingly, considering how shy she was acting, there were 3 that John approached and she was the one of the group that agreed to go to the hotel room and make pictures.

She honestly didn’t have a whole lot to say on the ride back to the hotel and seemed quite out of place, but still eager to go with this white fella. Even once back at the room, the barrier of shyness was one that was hard to get through at first. Definitely a first-timer in front of a camera and also her first time with a white bloke. There was a special kind of concern going on in this girls head. Maybe a fear of all the rumors she’s heard about how big a white man can be? Who knows… but once she started following instructions to get undressed, she warmed up quite quickly and we quickly find that she’s ironically wearing American flag panties! How fitting for an Independence Day update, right? A bit on the chubby side and still somewhat instinctively covering herself up, she gets turned on by the attention she is receiving. While it may be true that this girl is about as flat as a board, she does have one killer pair of nipples that seemed to love being tweaked and fondled, so she quickly headed into the shower and was soon back to see what else of hers this new white friend was willing to ‘tweak’!

Soon later, we find a naturally almost hairless pussy, chubby little rump of an ass and more nervous smiles that indicate this girl is thoroughly enjoying this attention regardless of her shyness with the affair. The real piece of interest though is once presented with his cock, it was almost like a revelation came across her face that what she heard about white men is true. So much so, that when she tried to suck him, she could barely get past the knob and took breaks to assess her situation, regardless of how wide-mouthed and slippery she made his pleasure. Scared of it, yet willing to give it her best, we get a good 4 and half minute blowjob that honestly had most of us at the edge of our seats with jealousy. Man, she looked to innocent and curious. Invigorating!

To all of our surprise, after expecting her to be even more nervous and possibly unable to take his girth where it counts, this little sex-pot mounted atop and likely to her own surprise as well, was able to take every inch of him as she rode and ground herself into her new friend here. Smiling from ear to ear, one could almost sense her enthusiasm at being filled to the brim, dripping wet and like someone overcoming a carnal fear, was rejoiced in the fact of breaking barriers and feeling so fulfilled in her pleasure!

Soaking wet, eager to fuck some more and the shyness now replaced with desires to get as deep as she can and feel her pleasure, John takes the reins and pounds her from behind before flipping her missionary to fill her up with a massive creampie while she experienced her very first white cock orgasm. One could almost sense the waves taking over her body, much like the wave of fear she realized once it was apparent what that pussy of hers was now freshly filled with… and right to the shower for an emergency clean-out she goes!

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny!