Welcome back again guys. Out on the prowl in Bangkok, John stopped down to Foodland in Soi 5 for some breakfast before heading out to find a Tuktuk. However, as fate would have it… John walked out and was immediately distracted by a cute girl in tight jeans that were showing off the lovely shape of her ass. Being a man of opportunity, he immediately introduced himself and offered to share a Tuktuk together. Her English was kind of terrible, but we did learn that she’s from Bangkok, has no boyfriend (or so she says…) and was easily willing to pose for photos. All very good signs! Knowing this, John invited her to his hotel room to take some more pictures and she was quite pleased with this invitation. Being cute and giggly, they headed off.

Once arrived, she was pleasant and playful during their entry and made herself comfortable right away with the camera. As you can see from the included photo gallery below, she was more than adept at posing and loves getting cute with it. We were treated to some lovely views of her all-natural boobs and they looked deliciously inviting. Still, there’s more ‘pose’ left in this girl and her tight-jeans ass deserved some attention, too. That, combined with such pronounced breasts always being a weakness for him, was enough to get into action. Before long, she was stroking his pecker before her clothes even came off. Fuck, I love this kind of stuff… don’t you guys? She was gentle, curious and willing to drop to her knees to offer him some pleasure. With a smile, she explored and sucked her way on. Like lovers on their first over-night date, this is a real girlfriend-like experience, here. A true ball-drainer. Visually AND quite definitely in the non-figurative sense… as we are about to find out.

Once still in her jeans and now just her bra up top, John had to ask her to stop the pleasure and regroup himself for some more shots of her getting undressed and posing like a perfect little sugar-tart. What a view in those panties, bra and those cute braces… by fuck, what a stunner indeed! Beautiful, angelic little ass with just enough roundness and plush to make a man want to use them as sleeping-pillows… and once naked… fucking hell! It’s not even how beautiful and well put-together she is, its not even her ass that adds so much appeal.. its the way she carries herself. The smiles, the perkiness in her bounce and the tenderness of everything about her. Teen-like, but proportionate like a 22 year old that she is. Damn. Ok, so her breasts didn’t turn out as big as we thought hey would be… clever little pushup-bra – fucking things, they’ll get ya every time! However, being presented to her now-open legs laying on the bed, we discover that the epitome of the perfect Thailand girl (or girl from any country, for that matter) is presented with this beautiful package of a little lady here.

Getting into hardcore-mode once again, John returns the oral favor by greasing her up with his tongue then proceeds to fuck her with as much as her tight pussy could take. Boobs bouncing, John was almost ready to cum too early and accidentally lost a couple squirts in there before having to, once again, regroup himself. How could he not? Tight and shallow little pussy like this will break any man before he’s ready. She’s definitely a little ball-drainer. Now on top, we’re treated with a nice mount-up and view of her bubbly ass in action and she really seems to prefer it on top when grinding, ridin’ and lovin’ it from any angle she takes it. A couple position-changes later, and he can no longer control himself before finally draining his balls into her. Done!

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny!