Happy Monday everyone! This week, we have an episode sent in by John. He opted to go for a more innocent-type freelancer this time instead of the usual bargirls, so after a short stroll through the bar district and a quick tuktuk ride, he finally spotted a girl in the red top, named Jan, walking back and forth outside the storefronts. She’s no “stunner” but definitely cute and sporting less mileage than your average fare. Not wanting to waste any more time, John instructed the driver to head right to his hotel and not the disco. Dude knew what John was up for and was actually a great help with finding a girl. Pro tip: When you find a driver like this, get his card or phone # and always call him first for rides!

After getting dropped off, Jan and John went inside hand-in-hand and headed right to the room to get this party started. Jan, while kind of shy, was knowing full well what was about to go on and seemed quite turned on by this white guy full of personality… she just couldn’t show it in words. I think I counted 5 English words this girl can speak, haha! Doesn’t matter, sex is internationally recognized as a better form of communication anyways, right?

After snapping a few pics of her posing, John slowly got her undressed and then discovered her phat-bottom cushion of hers and couldn’t hold back any longer, even though she was quite shy about herself anywhere below the belt. That shyness soon turned into a fervor once john went down and experienced just how finger-licking-good her pussy actually tasted. This, my friends, is like the starter-button for these shy girls. So being an appreciative girl, she returned the favor by giving the head of his cock a nice suck and tongue lashing and despite not being able o take very much of his dick in her mouth, gave an excellent almost GF-like oral treatment than would have any man dripping pre-cum in anticipation just on the feeling of her soft lips and caressing hands. Of course, this only sealed her eventual fate even further. I hope her pussy is bigger than her mouth is.

John spread those legs of her wide and stuffed his raging shlong as deep as he could into that warm and squishy hairy Thai pussy of hers and worked into a near balls-deep fervor that had her reeling in pain but also writhing in pleasure. The best view, in fact, is when she gets up on top and can barely take all his manhood in. She’s no rodeo rider but a view like this, tight snatch like hers and eagerness to envelop him whole (well, as whole as she could manage) it was no surprise to any of us that once thrown into John’s fav position (doggie-style) he quickly inseminated her, while sharing an intense orgasm, with a load big enough to impregnate any woman who so much as shares a flat with her and breathes the same air for the next 48 hours, haha!

Tight, young, eager, low mileage, eagerness to please and not afraid to practice her best, yet still fresh, moves on his cock. Can’t complain!

Until next time guys n gals, stay happy and stay horny!