When John was in Thailand a few weeks ago, he gave us a disk and said “This will undoubtedly be one of my favs, and one of yours!” Of course, we all say that anytime we find a hot piece of tail for you guys, but it still rings true every time, doesn’t it? It makes me wonder, are the girls just getting better and better or are all of our standards getting higher, thus almost every update is better than the last? Who knows… maybe we just get a little too excited over this stuff… Can you blame us?

John headed out for a walk and already within minutes, he was walking parallel to a hot girl with big boobs and short jean shorts that was already giving John the look that says she’s getting a wettie thinking about what she could do with this handsome foreigner and his wallet. It really didn’t take much to get her to cross the street and walk with him, let alone be so open about following the foreigner with the handsome looks (or nice looking wallet bump). Man, I wish it was this easy every time, but she was very open to going for “breakfast” and taking pictures of her was no problem at all. In fact, Jang seemed to really enjoy all of this attention. Lets just hope she enjoys OUR kind of attention, too. Chances are, if John’s assumptions were wrong about her, we would not be here talking about Jang, would we?

The boobs, those glorious beautiful plush full young boobs that caught our attention, are almost too much to wait for. Once back at the hotel though, the introduction to this cute babe’s lush sweater-bumps became so much more personal. 100% real. Perfect. Barely fits in your hand but so tempting to keep trying. Of course she’s a gogo-girl, so she knows how to be sexy and present herself to a foreign bloke, but there’s an absolute natural and youthful beauty to her. Ripe and in her prime! Perfectly shaped pussy, smooth and ready for a good fuck! It’s obvious she has not been doing her line of work for all that long though, as she’s still a bit shy and quite tight down south. The ass. Oh my gawd… the ass. Perfection. My words could not do it justice but it’s as perky and as well-shaped as her amazing breasts! This girl could be a starfish and she’d still be a great fuck just by tits and ass visuals alone!

Of course, all this exploring, touching and teasing had to lead somewhere and getting this girl ready for action was no issue. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy being squeezed, touched and admired like she was a goddess because the moment John presented his dick to her, she took to it like a feline takes to catnip and thoroughly worked his cock with intent to please the viewer, as well as John, to the highest degree. But once climbing atop and riding John’s raging boner, there was nothing she could do that would make it any more enjoyable. Even though she put her little heart into it, the visual pleasures of her big perky tits hanging from above as her tight hole provided a warm glove-like grip around his cock was enough to make most any man lose his load deep inside and beg for another round within a mere minute of action but luckily, John just power-fucked her nonstop. Not to say she was lame or anything, in fact… she was getting fucked too wildy to have a need to do anything herself! But I’m just saying that It’s a good thing John has the experience to thoroughly enjoy her for longer than any of us could, otherwise we’d have all missed this panty-eating, cum filled, wild fuck and adventure.

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny.