Hey guys, welcome back for another installment. In this video we’ve been holding onto for a few weeks, John headed off to the bars of Patpong to do some hunting and to enjoy the sights and sounds. At one bar, he came across some very lovely ladies working the stage, as well as a table full of cute dancers and other bargirls where he also had one of the best views in the house of the stage. How can you argue with a sweet little ass like that shaking it’s money-maker, right? One bargirl, 23yo Jang (she actually works at a different bar), was well-receiving of John’s attention and before long, they were off hand-in-hand to the tuktuk to get the real party started back where it counts, in the privacy of a hotel room with a much better camera to truly capture this little darling’s beauty. Great attitude, good English and quite conversational. My God, what a stunner!

Once relaxed in the room for only a moment, she quickly got to posing and showing off her amazing body. Big ass, lush legs, heels… the real deal here… a bargirl with the the “walk” and all. Admitting that she loves to pose, she further goes on to strike ’em all for our pleasure while taking instructions on what to remove and everything. Gosh damn man… that ass in those panties and that nice hungry mound hiding beneath those see-through panties… she sure as hell knows what she is doing here! If she fucks anything like she presents, we may have a 5-star performance here, my friends!

Sure enough, she after getting more up close and personal with all her bits n pieces, her pussy gets worked into a dripping pit of desire as she played with herself for the camera and gets herself real nice and ready. Before getting into the meat of the affair though, she first gets presented with his dick while she props up naked on the floor… just to see what she can do with such an opportunity. She fails to disappoint. Rockin’ only a pair of heels for a stitch of clothing, she meticulously mouth fucks his member and offers up ample views of her as she damn-near drives John over the edge multiple times with her torrid lipstick-laden love for a cock twice the size her mouth can handle before presenting that tight wet hole of hers from behind like a boss.

True to her petite nature, regardless of what a big ass like hers might imply, she presented him with a hole so tight with all 4s on the floor, he meticulously pounded her from behind and sent her into a fervor of vocal eruptions with each carefully-laid balls-deep probing between half-mast jabs. So good, as John so often recants throughout the video. You can literally HEAR her pussy battening down the hatches with each thrust as she orgasmically (is that even a word?) encapsulated his sausage in the slipperiest, gushiest and squishiest torrent of painful, yet oh so NEEDED-by-her desires, hot mess of pussy-farting penetrations and sqeals.

Giving her cramped crevice a break, John eats that ass and pussy like an all-you-can-eat bargirl buffet as she stands barely able to remain composure with the pleasure before getting fucked where she stands against the hotel-room wall. Damn, could this girl get any more awesome? Truly, we are dealing with a professional here or at worst, an enthusiast of cock with all the right moves here… as we are further to find out.

Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl.. or just practicing for her Facebook twerk live feeds… I don’t know… but man this girl can work a cock!!! THIS my friends, is what Tuktuk Patrol is all about! Not stopping there, we are presented with even move positions where most girls of her Asian stature would break into 3 pieces, she just continued to take it… and give it back while cuming on his dick over and over and over again before laying defeated and having John’s infamous finishing move unleashed upon her… a dripping pile of more cunt-destroying poundings leading to a bostom-cream filling of love oozing out of her still-pulsating pussy before she takes a defeated-and-tired stumble off to the shower… completely destroyed like a beast of prey’s lavish little love doll!