December 1, 2012 » Jenelyn: The Mystery hangover girl!

As promised, part 2 of my hangover adventure from yesterday. So, when this lovely skinny girl woke up, I already found out that we were very under the weather last night and that she gave me a blowjob in the bathroom. I also figured that I probably didn’t fuck her, either. She slowly woke up while I started taking her clothes and making many pictures of her. This was like waking up on X-mas morning while Santa Claus left me a present that I could not wait to open!

I asked her what her name was to be sure I at least figured that part out right. It was Jenelyn. She could not understand or speak English. That’s probably why we got so under the weather last night. When there is nothing to talk about, you’re just better off drinking. She didn’t seem to be bothered by my filming so I continued to take off her clothes.

What a great skinny body, nice boobs and delicious pussy! After warming her up, I felt her pussy getting soooo wet. It was time to put my dick in that treasure box. This was so great, nothing can beat a nice tight young pussy like that in the morning! She seemed to like it too and participated in all my favorite positions. I must admit that I fucked her very hard, especially in doggy style. Man!!! I was so horny! We ended up in the missionary position, where I shot all that I still had left in me, deep in her pussy. Yummy!

I had to take more pictures of her naked body for my trophy gallery after we finished fucking but we then headed out for breakfast afterwards. She left me without giving me her phone number. Bye Bye and probably see you… never again.

That was yesterday. Today I just stayed in my hotel room. I texted Potchie about me going back to Angeles next week. We have a date set for Thursday. Don’t miss that one, guys! Remember Potchie? Big boobs, slutty smile and tight pussy!? Yes that one!