One of the key things that makes Trike Patrol so special and adored is that it’s REAL. You—that’s right YOU—could do the exact same thing you are watching here. Average guys, traveling to the Philippines and meeting cute, everyday, amateur Filipina chicks who are up for pretty much anything. There’s no special tricks or magic. You can find and bang girls just like the ones we do here. You can’t same the same about most other “porn” sites you see.

From time to time, we like to highlight this reality factor by accepting raw amateur submissions from members. This one in particular, comes from “Duke”, a long time on & off member of the site, and huge Filipina addict. Duke has already sent in a couple for us, Ariana and Charlie to be exact, and you’ll clearly see he is not a pro at this.

No matter, he gives us a fantastically raw and real recording of just what it’s like on holiday in Angeles City. He walks on foot up around the Perimeter Road (Don Juico) area and happens across a sweet looking little number named Jessica. 20 years old, Jessica has been in the bars a while and is quite content with her profession. After all, most of the foreigners do treat the girls rather well; some would even say they spoil them compared to what they’re used to with the local fellas.

After getting her in a trike and around the corner to his hotel, Duke has Jessica undress and tell us more about herself. Awkwardly candid moments notwithstanding, he does a good job showing what the “in-room” experience is like after you pick-up a bargirl. Jessica’s body is smallish, but curvy, which is a nice combo sometimes. Very small but firm little breasts and a delightfully hairy pussy, which some of you might appreciate.

Speaking of that hairy pussy, Duke gives us a rare close-up of one getting man-handled with a vibrator. So how’s that for something a little bit different? Jessica seemed to genuinely enjoy it and almost reach orgasm, or as close as an AC bargirl can come. Now the camera(s)work is a bit shoddy, but Duke does capture different angles of the ensuing blowjob and fucking, which also deviates from our norm. You can see what a great sport this girl is throughout the entire thing and, in my book, any of us would be lucky to have her as a temporary companion upon visiting AC. Actually quite the little sweetheart but with a freaky side to her. A winning combo if you ask me.

Jessica was oh-so accommodating right to the end, with a furious speed-beating of Duke’s happy pulsating cock. Her tireless efforts saw his white streams of joy spurt out all over her lovely young torso, and what’s more—-she did it with a smile! This honest and decent members offering from Duke encapsulates everything that we know & love about the PI and it’s girls!

If you can make it, you can cum!