Mr Nasty has been at this long enough now that he knows who’s game and not. Very rarely does he falter with his gut instincts. Sometimes you just know who’s a dirty little whore and who’s not. Case in point: Today’s pickup with Kai Nee. If you love your Thai fucks easy, cute and tight, then this will be sure to tickle your fancy. Or at best, you’re pickle in hand will fancy your tickles!

The boys spotted her at this little road-side place talking on the phone and casually looking over. Of course, Mr Nasty was giving her the googley eyes and the random comment her way so when she was asked to join for a drink, she put the phone down and came right over. Yes, it really is that easy sometimes. Don’t forget that this is the land of pussy in a tourists paradise.

We’re not really sure if Kai Nee understood most of anything said to her because there was a lot of smiling and nodding going on but when it comes to pickups and the international language of fucking, I’m quite sure she understood everything when it came down to the invite back to the villa for a “swim” and some fun.

Once describing to her what he would love to do to her, you can see her dirty little mind turning and wondering exactly what he meant. For what she did manage to pick up from this foreign lad, it must have been a good thing that she pictured in her mind because a smile immediately followed and they were off tot he villa for some pussy pokin’ fun!

Turns out, Kai Nee was waiting for a date and got stood up. Being vulnerable like this has it’s advantages. Maybe it’s the sense of revenge these girls wish to dish out when stood up or its the excitement all day of getting fucked that keeps them horny and ready for more once prince charming here comes along but she was all game and once in the tuktuk, she was clearly comfortable wrapped up in the arms of this horny foreign lad. Sometimes, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel with a rocket launcher! It’s just that easy!

After a few monger-styled compliments and a kiss later, they arrived at the villa where Mr Nasty began to show her the facilities.. and by facilities I do mean a quick peak at the pool then it was time to make-out like two horny virgins who’ve never fucked before, let lone seen a member of the opposite sex in the nude! I have to tell you, there is something extremely ravishing about such a petite and cute girl in a pretty little dress and orange panties like this, so it’s no wonder she got man-handled so quickly and had her warm trimmed pussy rubbed over and wander her increasingly wetter panties!

Whilst in his lap, her legs were spread, pussy exposed and her hole fingered for all the world to see. I really could attest that Kai Nee has one of the most perfect looking pussies we have ever seen. So pristine, glistening with delight and pink as a grapefruit.

That’s all it took to turn this girl from curious to full-on horny! She spread her legs further and invited him in to lick her pussy. What man would refuse such an invitation, anyways? Not any of us, that’s for sure! Like a horse led to water, he lapped up every ounce of moisture he could find between her legs and trust me, there was lots!

It must be that the men native to her culture are not that good at pussy eating or she was extremely horny but it just took mere tongue flicks to push her into blushing gushes of excitement. With reactions like that, it’s no surprise that our man with the white lightening could not wait any longer and insisted on having his hard cock stuffed deep into her tight and wet cock pit. We got some nice close-up footage of this Thai fuck for you to enjoy. I could not get over how delicious this girl’s pussy was! So pristine, perfect and in impeccable shape!

This girl’s pussy just oozed excitement and to be honest, I was quite surprised to see that she could even take it balls-deep like she did. Unfortunately for any other man who comes across this lady, our buddy here pounded her deep and hard enough that not many men after him will be able to full her the way her did. Good news though,, time does heal all would but chances are, she does this for a sport so it wont be healing up to the virgin-like tightness any time soon. Lucky for us though, we got to witness it getting poked, prodded, pummeled, stretched and gyrated inside and out by his very experienced love-stick.

Realizing he forgot to get some head from Kai Nee, he pulled out, laid down and let her work some magic with her mouth.

Sometimes it’s best to let a girl get a feel for what a man’s dick can do to her before feeding it to her face, as evident here. Whether purposely or not, you give a girl a good fuck and treat her right, she will worship your cock, suck it like she wants to marry it and use every part of her mouth to please. Much like Kai Nee did. Such wet, warm and inviting lips wrapped around his cock must have been overload for a guy who appreciates things that girls like this can do. By this time, the clothes all came off and what was revealed was a pristine, perfect tight body (only a few stretch marks) and a pair of firm teenage Thai tits that just beg to be squeezed, licked and played with!

She spread wide, mounted his cock and ride him in cowgirl style. The look on her face and gentle moan with each slow thrust proved to everyone that she loves how this foreign lads cock felt inside her pussy! There’s fucking a white tourist then there’s FUCKING a white tourist! haha Kai Nee was 100% into this and wanted nothing more than to feel his big white cock sliding in and out of her tight wet pussy!

After trying out a few different positions and getting fucked deep, fast, slow and even gentle at some points, the moans and intensity increased until they were both on a mission to cum! But it wasn’t until he took her tight heart-shaped skinny ass in doggy that she really got what she came for… a long, hard stiff fuck that had her really ready for the big “O”!

Flipped back onto her backside, Mr Nasty pounded into her pulsating pussy until even the slightest touch had her oozing her own juices and filled her with a man-sized creampie that oozed, squirted and dripped out of her still-pumping pussy! You tell the exact moment they shared their mutual orgasm, not by the screams and moans, not by their shared juices starting to ooze out but by the intensity of her squeezes and pulses! This was one close-up shot that I am positive you will agree, is about as exciting as it gets!

Turns out, Mr Nasty kept her around for the rest of the day and after dunking her in the pool to wash that dirty hole out… it’s time to say good bye for this episode. See ya’s next week!