You’re probably asking what the hell a “Japayuki” is, huh? Well, lemme try to explain. A “Japayuki” is a Filipina girl who has either worked in Japan as an “entertainer”, who aspires to work in Japan someday or who exclusively entertains Japanese tourists visiting the Philippines . Kazumi definitely falls into at least one of those categories. Hell, you can see by her pics alone… this chick even LOOKS Japanese. She must’ve really worked hard to get that look.the hair, the makeup, the expressions, etc.

When we spotted her walking in the mall we just HAD to talk to her. Kazumi was extremely shy at first—I guess from not dealing with Americans at all—but we talked her into the Trike and managed her back to the hotel with just a little charm and sweet talk. After telling us how she only goes with Japanese and Korean men, we warmed this hot 18-year old up to the idea of trying out some grade-A “Amerikano” tube-steak. Now when this chick shed her clothes, you better have the tissues and lotion ready guys, ‘coz she’s got a KILLER body. And when I say killer body, I mean cut-you-left-nut-off-and-leave-your-wife-of-15-years-for-it type killer body. I truly believe she had the firmest, most perfect set of breasts I have ever seen on the female form in my life. Utterly sensational! And the ass to match!

While Bruce got showered up, I got her to play with herself a little so she could show off her ripe little vagina for the camera. After that, Bruce got the esteemed privilege of having her hot, 18 year old mouth on his rod… even with a little deep throat action. Then it was off to the races with this sexy assed Jap-lover. And I must say, she lived up to the “Little Brown Fucking Machine” title! If you want to see a smoking hot, 18 year old amateur LBFM get stuffed by an average, 40-something American guy then you have to watch this episode!