The boys were out for a cruise to find something special to write home about when they got in touch with a girl they ran into from the night before while figuring she could be the one for a jolly ol’ rogering on TukTuk Patrol. Upon arrival at her place of employment, they reintroduced themselves and whisked her off in the tuk-tuk. She was, after-all, in need a ride… so the boys surely took that as an opportunity to give her one (in more ways than one) while playing the age old “poor lost tourists” routine!

It really hit home for her once making a “quick stop” at the villa that these boys were up to something dirty with the professional-grade camera greeting them at the door. Was she camera-shocked?? Was she excited knowing what was to cum? Who knows… but it didn’t take long before her clothes started peeling off at the sight of the jacuzzi and foreign hands man-handling her breasts that were begging for escape from her sexy top.

Before this slutty Thai could even fully immerse herself, she was already presented with a rock-hard cock begging for her attention in the tub. A finger probe here, a dick poking there, she soon had her mouth enveloping the tip of his cock and running her tongue all up and down Mr Naughty’s shaft. No coaxing needed here, guys. She already knew what she was supposed to do and being appreciative of the more-than-average sized cock in her mouth, she quickly took advantage of the situation herself and made sure these poor lost tourists got more than they bargained for!

Kume tried her best to swallow his manhood whole but at about 3/4 of the way in, it was time to change up and see what parts of her COULD take it whole! Face down, ass up on the bed, crack licked and then… desire! She couldn’t wait anymore! Full, deep and profuse… her chubby tits bounced for joy. She was getting fucked anyway she could! In every position they could think of, this slutty Thai cock-jockey took a pounding until mutual climax when Mr naughty left her a present splattered all over her aching mound of joy!

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny!