October 9, 2013 » Leena revisit

I have been texting Laiza since yesterday because I wanted to see her again. I wanted to fuck her or hoped that she would bring me a girl. She texted me and said that she had a new BF now. 🙁 Surprised by her honesty and a little sad.

But… she texted me this morning with a gift. She said that Leena wanted to see me again, a girl I fucked exactly one year ago.

Leena is a close friend of Laiza’s and I remember that Leena didn’t come back to me because Layza had felt that I liked her too much. Now that Laiza had a new BF, she didn’t mind it anymore and Leena also used the opportunity to ask Laiza to see me again.

I was doubting at first since a year in a Filipina life can be like 5 years. Meaning: last year she looked young and sexy and now she could of had had a baby already, got chubby and lost some teeth.

I checked my diary again and suddenly I remembered just how sweet she was so I said “yes”. 5 hours later, she arrived. My camera was not ready because I wanted to see how she now looked like, first.

My friends!! Look at this girl! I was totally in love when she entered the room. So fucking hot in a sexy dress, high heels and make up! She looked 100 times better than last year. I got so horny, especially when she said that she always wanted to see me again because she loves to make “scandal videos”. She get exited about it! That’s my kind of girl!

So we started to make pictures and she was posing like a pro. We really enjoyed this together. Those panties, that ass, those boobs and that smile… I couldn’t wait to fuck her!

Later on, she gave me a nice handjob and BJ. When she was on top, she asked me for a copy of the video, to look at when home alone. I love this girl! Creampied her, of course.

After we finished, we talked for 2 more hours. She is an angel. First, I was doubting going back to Manila tomorrow and then I thought I should stay longer to be with her but later, she said that she was going to her province, tomorrow. So I might as well just go to Manila, after all.