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Once back at the villa, Mr Naughty was being cranky and didn’t believe Mr Nice even went out without him and pulled in a cutie without him! Once turning over, he realized just how great of an idea it was to be awaken after-all! Hungover or not, he was already as excited as a schoolboy coming across a crate of cherry-bombs once wrapping his paws around those nice little titties of hers.

Just like flipping a light-switch on, Mr Naughty was game for anything! Hello quickly turned to a handjob, then soon thereafter turned into a game of hide the wiener! Gentle cock strokes, swallowing his knob and massaging the shaft with her lips wrapped around, Lek worked this white bloke’s cock like HE was HER surprise!

After regaining some energy, Mr Naughty explored, kissed, sucked, tongue-fucked, flicked and munched on every part of that delicious Thai pussy after this girl gave us a nice masturbation show while she played with her pussy with such a fervor that could easily surpass the guy’s own horniness! It literally was an orgy of Thai pleasure!!

Once warmed up, it was simply a game of fucking her in every position he could handle in his hungover state. Luckily for us, this girl was just so damn hot, horny and moaning to beat the band that he could not hold himself back at all! We actually ended up with about an hour of footage and instead of editing anything out, we decided to show it all in it’s entirety because lets face it, this girl can fuck like a rag-doll spinner and with a body like hers, it’s not even any wonder where he got the gusto to keep pounding that beautifully silky-slippery pussy hole of hers! And that ass… my god… that ass! While getting sucked, stroked and offering her pussy to keep his fingers busy, the view of her ass and feeling of an expertly done blowjob brought on a stomach-filling cumshot that left her mouth full of white love!

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny! Remember to tell your friends about us!