Hey guys, welcome back! Not so much of a classic pick-up this time around, but a pickup that you’re all going to be glad happened, regardless! Starting off, John was positioned with his hotel in an area not heavily serviced by tuktuks, so he ended up taking a taxi to meet a girl that he had a meeting lined up with. It’s a little dark in the taxi but you can definitely already tell, this girl had a demeanor about her that was straight to the point and once up in the elevator en-route for the suite, we finally get an ample view of what we’re about to be playing with here. Wow, what a body in that dress! Already kissing her new friend, I think it’s quite clear of the type of action that’s about to unfold. That’s one advantage of setting up meetings with girls ahead of time, they already know what they’re there for and don’t waste time getting to the good stuff.

Once in the room, our hunches remained correct. This girl was laughing, smiling, posing beautifully for the camera and offering John ample view of what her mamma gave her. That ass in those pink panties… my god man… no wonder the excitement in John’s voice was so apparent. Once she bends over and offers a head-on view of her taco, all hell breaks loose. How he didn’t infiltrate that upon site, is beyond me… but John held just enough composure to make sure to have plenty of face-time with that pussy, leaving her even more slippery than before, before finally giving in and driving his white lighting 3 miles up her ying-yang… (well, slight exaggeration) while panties still barely pulled down. It’s a sight of champions, my friends… One of those girls you just want to pound from behind for HOURS until your dick is too sore to even flex it, let alone keep pounding… but continue on forever anyways, just because.

This girl, though… she can work it! Still in doggie, with panties pulled down, she worked that beautiful ass of hers, moaning from thrust to thrust, like she was the lucky one here. If this video was nothing but what we’re seeing so far, I still think we’d all be happy, but after giving that pussy a thorough workout from behind, she was more than happy enough to return the pleasure favor and immediately stuffed that raging hard boner of his in her mouth. Man, she is good! I mean, she actually likes doing it! No pretending here.

As if that were not enough, Lin was nowhere near done yet. Climbing atop, she shows her skills by grinding, riding, pounding and eventually rolling over to her back to really get deep n dirty where that tight and slightly phat pussy of hers wrapped his ram-rod like a glove 1-size too small before flipping back over in doggie to pleasureful moment sof more read-ended love, still only half-undressed and pushing that pointy perfect big ass right back into him for a balls deep love-affair that only drove her to further lengths of pleasure for both of them,

On her back once again, on top, face-down and reverse cowgirl… this girl is going to blow your load before John even finishes with her and fills that perfectly-waxed pussy of hers with a mountain of boner-paste!! Can you make it that far? Let us know in the comments.

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny.