Welcome back guys! Today, we have a real 19yo Laos girl that’s been working here in Bangkok, named Mam. A friend of John’s pussy-power troop, she was well versed in the upcoming activities by her friends then left at John’s hotel room with him after their trip there in the tuktuk. Not a bad blind-date, after all. This chubby and healthy-looking girl was sporting quite a fine round ass and thick-enough thighs (as evident while bent over in those short shorts). She may not be able to speak or understand much English, but she was quite knowing of John’s approval! Of which, only excited her even more once he became Tron-obsessed with that phat ass of hers every time she turned around.

What’s better than a youthful full-figured woman like this? Finding a pristine virgin-like and smoothly-shaven pussy between those thighs! At bare sight of this, John could not contain his excitement any long (who could?) and soon tasted her buffet of pleasures. Was not long before that pussy of hers puffed up like wet rice cakes and begged for their pelvic introduction. Oozing at the edge, she grabbed his dick and teased it in. Barely giving it to her at first, she worked up into a moaning pleasure-fervor as she milked his cock in her own pleasure. This, my horny little friends, is how you can tell a fake from the real deal. The deeper he went, the louder and wetter she became until she had to stop him to recover from her cock-squeezing gate-buster of an orgasm. She felt it, no doubt about it, and took a break to show her appreciation by way of giving him a return on the oral-favor… and a favor it sure was!

There’s an old saying that goes on something about how the pretty just can’t suck dick… Mam here proves different. Very skilled in her oral presentation, she kept working his cock to near-explosion, but never giving him the pleasure of his final release. A girl that loved getting fucked by him, doesn’t want to end the date so soon, right? So, after some more oral and handy work, she once again teased his way in while mounting him from above this time, at her control. Man, what a snug fit! If you make it even 1 minute into watching her mount and fuck him as she allows a glorious view of her breast and gyrating hips, then her bobbing ass in reverse… guys, you are not human!

Later taking that fine phat ass from behind in doggie-position (and eating her some more, too!), we see just how receptive, sexual and into the action she is. Now like a deer caught in the headlights of pain and pleasure, she lay there moaning, groaning and taking John’s soon-basted love-stick as deep as he will put it, only to use her fingers to beg for more and to pound her again. What a sport she is! We’ve honestly never seen a girl cum this much, constantly… and still want more… as much as it hurts her. A-fucking-mazing! Like a fully-automatic, pull her trigger… she don’t stop.

Landing on her back, moaning to near brink of seizure (and almost getting John kicked out of the hotel), they both buck into a wild fluid-swapping debate of pelvic thrusts and assurances of John’s lineage continuance.

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny!