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You will undoubtedly notice that Mr Nice has a TukTuk Patrol fan with him this time named Stephan. He’s along for the ride to do some monger-training and possibly become a new member to our crew. In the end, there’s no better way than to just throw him right into the mix while showing him the ropes and watch as he strikes gold with a very sexy and beautiful Thai stunner (with help from Mr Nice). Log in (if not already) to view the video and watch it all unfold. How many other sites do that for their biggest fans with the gusto to travel to these locations? Not many!

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I won’t spoil all the action for you but I will say that it’s chock full of visual (and romantic) delights that will have you reaching under your pants, before you know it, as she genuinely “makes love” to his hard cock in any position they find. This Thai stunner enjoyed it deep, slow and sticky! So did we!

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