Hey guys! Mr Naughty came back from his time in Dubai on some “camel patrol” mission of his (dare we ask?) and let me tell you, Mr Naughty came back in full force with his one-gun a-blazin’! Obviously, after being stuck in camel-country for this long, he was more than excited to get his weasel back into some premium Thai pussy. After ogling every passing female for potentiality and then wondering where all the women went to all of a sudden, the guys snagged a very cute and quite stunning 20 year old big butt Thai honey named Meena when they parked to wait for some traffic. She was tucked in deep within the surroundings but these trained pussy-hounds had their radars set to ‘full’ and lucky for all of us, she was more than receptive!

What a beautiful face she has. Big beautiful lashes, gorgeous smile and despite her poor English, TOTALLY gets off on every joke flung her way (dirty and nice alike)! Also, it doesn’t hurt that she’s VERY easy getting along with two strange white blokes coming at her lookin’ for a few minutes of love. Direct as it is, the blokes came right out and asked “Want to come to the hotel and have sex?” Her instantly excited demeanor was enough to tell the boys she was game but she wasn’t exactly about to skip out on their orders in promise of a better restaurant that easily. So, after taking charge of the situation at hand and whisking her away, the glorious moment of realization came upon both of the guys right when she climbed up into the tuktuk and that big n soft glorious young butt of hers became apparent… damn!

Of course, after the obligatory “hotel room clothes change” trick, they had her right where they wanted her. Front, center and about to get totally naked to see what this little hottie has packin’ beneath those shorts to munch on! After being greatly distracted spanking and fondling her lovely plump ass, watching her do a little tease and having her quickly erect nips thoroughly enjoyed, this cutie was getting hot for some more. I tell ya, once you get a girl like this started, they won’t stop loving the attention and urges of desire for dirty pleasures throbbing deep within their loins! Meena was no exception to that rule but once you see it all come off and watch how she meaningfully (but nervously) enjoys his raging hard cock in her hands and mouth as if she had won the cock-lottery, you’ll undoubtedly be enthralled in hormonal angst and anticipation as her ass is even more playfully and meaningfully exposed! Oh man, those thighs, the thick hips and perky little boobs all at once too… oh man… it’s enough to end this right now and be fully satisfied!

But wait, it doesn’t end there. Mr Naughty had a surprise finding that she’s sporting one heck of a bush that’s already soaked in her own juices! Man, this girl has been running this encounter through her mind the whole time! It’s sticky-obvious, now! Especially after the tongue-lashing she was about to receive, haha. Wasting no more time, Mr Naughty gave her his sausage right there on the bed as her uncontrollable moans of pleasure filled the room. Man, what a GREAT way to get back in the saddle! So tight, cute and easy to please with every stroke. This is what we’re after here guys; that wild moaning good-time fuck. The feeling of a cock pleasing a girl so much that she becomes nearly possessed by it! If you love BEAUTIFUL views of penetration, a cute young plump ass and sticky-sweet pussy getting licked, power-fucked while on top, pounded on the side, spread and fucked some more, she will NOT disappoint in any position! Meena has well-earned her bush full o’ spunk!

Like all the girls we find, this was one of those true-to-life amazing sex romps for them both (just more vocal obvious than most, haha). Nothing faked here, she was wore right the fuck out and greatly satisfied in her off-the-cuff adventure. There’s a reason they call this the land of smiles, and its not just the happy people, its the excellent sexual adventures and pure carnal satisfaction it brings, too!

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny!