Welcome back to Tuktuk Patrol, guys. Starting off in front of Starbucks in the streets of Bangkok, we begin our search for a Tuktuk to begin the hunt when John spots a lovely lil lady looking to do the same. With some flirting and careful expertise (translation: being white and tall) he sparks up a conversation and invites her to share a ride, as well as grab a bite to eat together. Immediately, the hair flinging, huge smiles and nervous behavior kicked in. Yes lil lady, you just got asked out on a date! Damn… it’s really just that easy. There’s something sexy about watching that pretty mouth of hers gobble up an entire dumpling in one bite. Wonder if she can do the same, back at the hotel room?! Food-coma soon settling in, the pair scoot off on the quickest mode of transport back to John’s hotel… a motorbike taxi. With an ass like hers, there’s no time to wait for formal transportation.

Upon arrival at the hotel apartment, the perversity of the situation quickly unfolds itself admiring her beautiful and pointy little ass in those tight jeans, as well as that shapely figure of hers as she poses all around the hotel room… in and out of clothes. This girl has an ass you could eat off it. So perfect, so tight and so shapely. Unable to contain himself, it was not long before he shoved her panties aside to see what lurked beneath. Trouble is, once this hairless clam as exposed, posing, admiration and exploration went out the window. Immediately, John dove in face-first to get better acquainted with her wet kitty before pummeling his ramrod deep within before the girl could even finish undressing.

Pounded deep and long, Mickey becomes enthralled in her pleasure and lets out the cutest of little squeaks and groans as she braces herself at the edge of orgasm. With those eyes closed, one almost wonders what fantasy she’s playing in her head. What tall white and handsome Hollywood or recording star might she be fantasizing about? Flipped over for some doggie action, Mickey offers up her glorious well-shaped smooth ass for more and we get a special treat of a view here. Despite having such an ample ass, it’s interesting to watch as her entire business end bucks, deforms and stretches as he pounds his white lighting in from every angle he can give her, furthering her over the edge that’s been building up inside of her.

Realizing her pussy could only take so much for now, Mickey temporarily offers up her mouth as a pussy to fuck… literally… before she again soon decides that she’s ready for more and quickly mounts him from on top. Wow. Perfect view. This girl was not wasting John’s dick and proceeds to ride it balls-deep, despite the obvious size-difference. Like mashing a rolling pin through an avocado, this newly-acquainted pair continue to smash organs from behind, on top and on the side until Mickey is finally pushed right over the edge of pleasure and John graciously fills her pulsating cooter with pecker snot, which she promptly keeps to herself by running to throw her clothes back on. Damn… is she saving that load for something? We’ll get back to you in 9 months on this one, folks! haha

Until next time, stay happy and stay horny!