Hey guys, welcome back for another installment of pleasure from Thailand. Heading out to look for a tuktuk to start hunting, he was waiting at a bus stop and noticed a cutie sporting a big smile and all done up for a good time but in simple clothes. Cute. Quickly, he said hello, sparked up a quick conversation and offered her a ride before striking a deal to go with him to make photos. Though, as John states, one cannot be sure if she even understood what she was about to go do with him, but that it should soon be plainly obvious. After waiting awhile for a tuktuk (it was pretty busy out that night!), one finally arrived. She didn’t say much of anything on the ride to the hotel, but she did seem to like posing for photos taken en-route and smiled nice enough. Re-explaining what was about to happen helped, but one could tell she just did not have the words to respond back with anything more than a nod and smile. Perfect.

Now back at the hotel, if there was still a question in her head as to what was happening once sitting at the foot of John’s bed, it became 110% obvious once clothes started being removed and special attention paid to her legs, shape and pose. Small tits with big nips, fairly slim yet still dough-like… a vision of fertility. Our impressions are not far off, turns out, as this nearly-nude temptress was no longer able to keep her dirty secret at bay much longer of being a fresh little mommy! Cute, young, phat little ass and a MILF… could John tick off any more of his pleasure boxes?

Spreading her wide and giving her an oral delight, we also get to discover why anyone would get her knocked up, I mean look at that tight, squishy and delicious little pink pussy. You can already tell it’s pleasure from tip to balls and as tight and slippery as she is, would be earth-shattering experience blowing a hot wad up inside. But before we get too carried away with ourselves here, Na returns the oral favor by giving a little handjob and mouth action. Though, we have to admit, if oral is your pleasure, there’s not much this girl will do for you in that regards aside from the pristine view she provides as she adoringly (yet also nervously) stares into her partners eyes while sucking the tip and providing pleasure with her soft hands. Maybe she’s genuinely scared of it or scared of what can come out of it? Either way, who cares… she looks amazing and that desire to go deeper into her mouth will only translate to a deeper desire to fill her pussy with it in the moments to follow.

Ranging hardon and wanting to go deep, John lay Na back on the bed and introduced himself to her baby-maker. Shoot guys… no wonder she was scared of it, it barely fits! Ramping up to a full-steam ahead rhythm, we see just how wet this little oven can get but also that she may be a bit of a starfish in bed here. Maybe its the camera, maybe she’s just shy… or maybe she’s genuinely scared of ending up pregnant again? Who knows, we’re not here to grade the girl’s outward excitement with this episode, we’re here to grade the eye candy and experience of fucking a girl with such a soft, tight and wet pussy that just so happens to have a pretty face and despite her fear of his white dick, was still loving every thrust given to her on her back, while on top (what a view!) and from behind while pounding that soft young phat little ass of hers! My god man… that pussy was loving it. Squeezing, dripping, taking what he could fit… as much as she was scared of it, she was overall all-too-accepting of John’s impending paternal white-heat fireball.

It was only a matter of time before loads were lost and thoughts of buying a pregnancy test entered her mind. John just could not hold back any longer and decadently filled her tight hole with a white heat that only a pussy could understand. Pleased with herself, full of smiles and dripping/queefing jizz during her afterglow, she then rushed to the shower in hopes of reversing what was just done to her pussy. Still though… funny how when a girl does something as dangerous as this, they are still always excited at what they did, right? That excitement and rush… one cannot deny it.

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny!