Evenin’ guys! Got a late update here today for you but one that was worth the wait to get the files from John. He has a great one for us this time! He was down at the beach’s boardwalk checking out some girls. There was not much to look at except this angry-looking stunner (I be she’d be a great hate-fuck, huh?) and this exotic beauty in high-heels rocking a cute red dress. Did you see that eye contact they briefly made? The nervous shuffle of her dress while “trying to look busy”? Yeah, these girls know when they are on target and almost offer themselves with the way they quickly prepare themselves, haha. You don’t see her running away, that’s for sure. Dirty little scamper, the smile said it all!

Not being one to let a golden opportunity like this get away, he quickly came up and with one word “hi” it was like anything important that had to be said, was said. the talk was small and her replies were on the verge of “Ok, so can we just fuck now?” He wants to fuck her. She wants to fuck him. Simple as that. Despite that unspoken truth, John was also fully aware of how shy this girl was still kind of being and he offered up some conversation to make the “transition” from pretty Thai lady in the streets to spread-wide, pulsating at the crotch and dripping something extra-special on camera a smoother success. And trust me, it WAS a “smooth” success!

After some posing on the boardwalk, some excitement to go pose more at the hotel and promise of fun times, the hand-holding duo were off to get to the “meat” of the matter at the hotel room. Nees took a little work and encouragement to get going, but once her big glorious Thai tits were in full exposed view, Nees here opened up and became enthralled in the sensuality of it all.

The feeling of a white man running hands all over her voluptuous body, stacked pair of fully erect-nipped breasts and working magic with his tongue and cock deep within her pussy lit a fire in her loins that could only be tamed by a thrusting white dick exploding and throbbing inside her cuming pussy. So, that’s what he did. I’d like to say nice guys do finish last, but I think Nees was still cuming long after he pulled it out, haha. The look on her face was pure “Ahhh, yesss” releif.

I hope you guys enjoyed this update. We sure did. What a nice MILFy catch! Until next time guys, stay happy and star horny.