Now as most of you surely know already, the Philippines has a funny way of grabbing you by the balls and not letting go once you’ve visited. That’s right, if you’ve made the trip, there’s really no going back to your “normal” life. You will invariably have “PI on the brain” for the rest of your days, which is somewhat of a gift and a curse. You have been exposed to an amazing place where a man can be a man, but unless you are able to live there or go frequently, you are forced to suffer back in your “real” world between visits.

A friend of ours who knows this all too much is Steven. He made several Philippines visits last year around this time and was kind enough to share with us some of his adventures. Yes, like many of our contributors here, Steven is a rank amateur when it comes to filming “porno’ videos. But that is not why we bring you these kinds of offerings. You see, this is the real deal thing. These are girls who guys like Steven, you or I, could actually meet and enjoy the company of; not spoiled, conceited, self-absorbed Western women.

And they are certainly not “porn stars” by any stretch of the imagination. What most of these girls know about sex is quietly doing it under the covers with their uncle or older Pinoy boyfriend as other family members snooze or watch TV across their 1-room abode. So going from that to letting a foreign tourist photo, film and fuck you while holding a camera-often imitating elements of “porn” with various positions and cumshot destinations—-is quite a leap.

So today Steven brings us his encounter with a shy Filipina by the name of Nhica whom he met on his recent trip. Nhica is 24 and was rather apprehensive about hooking up with Steven, but eventually warmed up and had some fun once back in his hotel room with a dick in her hand. Steven was able to film his short time experience with Nhica, even capturing a messy facial on her at the end, which she probably had mixed feelings about judging by her expressionless face, haha. I guess it’s an acquired taste!