Some men spend a lifetime to be a millionaire. Some of us spend a lifetime hoping for perfect moments. Some even wait (what seems like) a lifetime for a girl to make themselves available. Then, there’s John: He’s not out for money, he doesn’t wait for moments and I can guarantee you, he will NEVER wait around for a girl to magically walk up, present herself and fuck. No sir, our boy is out again on this great day to HUNT down some stunning Thai pussy and as usual, he does NOT disappoint!

Meet Nicki, a fun-loving Thai stunner in Braces that just happened to be within John’s cross-hairs while out on this great hunt. He was checking out the usual hangouts where Thai girls go to spend sunny afternoons when he spotted something leggy, something busty and definitely something CUTE! Friendly enough, he sparked up a conversation with her about the 4-legged park visitors but the conversation quickly became mutually interesting about each others intentions and possibilities. Damn this girl is fine! She’s all leg and all boob! Luckily for us, she didn’t mind one bit about John taking pictures of her pillowing mounds of sweater-meat. At that point, it was a no-brainer; Get this girl back to the hotel ASAP to see how far (and fast) she is willing to take this.

Even before getting to the room, she was modeling her covered breasts in the elevator with no instigating by john. This girl is game for it! Once in the room, she was quickly showing off her amazing and stunning body, posing on his bed, giving mountainous views of hanging cleavage… my god man… the braces too! All in all, it just kept getting better and better, especially once she pulled down her tight jean shorts, pulled off her top and really gave John something to crave. It quickly became apparent, too, this girl may be used to playing with foreigners and may even be highly turned on at it judging by the way she keeps presenting herself with very little coercing from the camera. Once that pussy of hers was fully-exposed, it was time for pleasure.

All in all, once all is said and done, those big firm tits, dark erect nipples, smooth mound of pussy-flesh and that cute braces-laden mouth of hers were all put to good use by John’s wandering hands and enraged dick! Her blowjob was great! Slow, delicate, careful and deliberate in the sense that she did it to please him with every touch. Gotta love small and eager mouths, right? Her stunning plump pussy was no exception, either. So great and surprisingly tight that in fact, John could not help but give her two creampies! How could anyone not help it? Those tits, that tight pussy, that cute and eager face with a mouth full of exuberance and warm moans…

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny!