Hey guys, welcome back for another adventure with Tuktuk Patrol! This time, John headed out for a classic approach to hunting girls in the tuktuk, but as luck would have it, it took a mere few seconds to spot a girl standing near a temple that inspired him enough to pull over and introduce himself to. Seriously, this place is as easy as catching wingless pigeons. Anyways, he just walked right up to her, introduced himself, asked her to hop in for a ride with him and took some pictures of her before heading out.

In the ride and on way to hotel room, we get to have some conversation and more smiles for the camera. There’s something about this girl… maybe it’s the cute, yet still very serious, smile of hers. It seemingly spells that she is a naughty little thing that’s out to satisfy some curiosity but the likelihood is that she’s looking for a meal-ticket and having a good time with a tall and handsome foreign bloke brings a special kind of pleasure to her night out. Enough so, that she’s got a genuine curiosity to fulfill here. Like a two birds with one stone, type of thing. Once back at the hotel and posing for more photos, we learn that she’s 19 years old, only really speaks Thai but has an almost hurried approach to her encounter, until she gets more and more comfortable showing off her body in such an expose-way on camera here. Playful, yet taking time to let her new foreign friend get to know her body… and what a body, it is!

This tiny little thing has the sharpest nipples, smallest boobs and cutest little woolly meat-mitten to grace our screens in awhile. Sure, she’s a bit rear-sore and scarred from the road and having a baby, but like the saying goes around here a lot, there’s a diamond in the rough here. After a careful deliberation of oral fortitude when john makes sure her pussy is up to snuff for him, we discover a tight, petal-like fora of phalic invitation awaiting it’s duties. Before we could get into the finer points of playing in the bush, not that it gets ignored any, we take a side-path to a return on the oral favor. Like a pig led to the troph at feeding time, she took to his dick like Tina Turner took to a mic and put her the back of her mouth into it while John pulled on her nipples and pulled at her g-spot from within the life-giving fora of her glistening mangrove.

Before giving in to slide into the luxury of her juice-wicking love tunnel, her talents were proven even more fruitful as she offered her mouth up for a good ol’ fashioned face fucking and ball licking exercise. What a good girl. Not a single complaint, more of a gentle and playful curiosity, followed by giving John yet another epic blowjob with her in control again, and in a very ‘deep’ giving mood! Fucking hell, what a girl.

Now ready to prove that she can also fuck like a rock-star, this quiet yet deliciously horny little sex-pot proved that her tight and dripping bush was not the only thing coming that he had to contend with. This girl just loves to fuck. Look at her ride him like she can’t get enough! That tight wet pussy bursting with carnal desire for copulation with each thrust and little snaps of her pussy juices, epic. You hear even more of this when John then takes her tight little mitten from behind. As quiet as she may be, you can tell by the random moan and “oh, fuck, don’t stop!” faces she lets us witness that she’s ready for more of what he has to offer right when our man with the clam around his ham here leaves her with a gift that keeps on giving, an inspiring load of succession that is much like a peepin’ tom’s success dripping from a bush in the yard.

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny!