This just in Folks! A dandy-fine episode was just uploaded by Mr Nice and I must tell you, Mr Naughty and 19 year old Omsin had so much fun that this one might just be the ultimate sin. None of that conquering countries crap, no, nor defrauding little old ladies… not that type of sin… we’re talking the kind of sin that puts a shit-eatin’ grin across any man’s face here. Total sexual output with a cute, impressionable and eager young Thai babe with a body so amazing, you’d sell your wife’s car, the house and even the dog to keep this sweet tight pussy to yourself forever 🙂

It all started when the boys spotted a dainty and happy-looking Thai teen in braces and very little clothing perched on the rug at an outdoor restaurant of some type. Upon eying her up, she immediately knew she was on target, appeared annoyed but not one bit shocked at the attention she was grabbing from these dirty old men but then, all of a sudden, a vision came across her mind that spoke of BIG white DICK. You could see the gears turning in this young and tasty-looking hussy’s mind and before she could shake that curiosity off, she was sitting beside them and exclaiming her interest using terrible English and her obvious body language. Then, the shocker: She admitted that she actually works at this place and was just awaiting her girlfriend’s arrival before her shift starts. Yes, THAT kind of girlfriend. It’s these dirty old perv’s lucky day because she also admitted she’s had two boys before, too.

Of course, they had to seal this one quick and before she could even think about repercussions, this little scamper was more than willing to skip out on her shift (and her girlfriend too apparently!) to go for a “ride” with these two blokes. My god man, the shorts on her! Damn, I bet the place is PACKED like sardines with dirty old men during food service with a waitress that dresses like this for work! Heck, if you were her boss, would you object to having to look at this all day?

Not long after that, they were in the hotel room and exploring what happens when you place a horny white dude on vacation with his camera man face to face with a 19 year old Thai teenager on a mission to get fucked by a handsome man with a nice hotel and probably a nice wallet, too. Not that there was much clothing to remove, but Mr Naughty got right to work disrobing her, groping all OVER that tight young and eager body and soon after, stuffing the end of his knob deep within that teenage smoothly-shaved and snug mound of hers! Omson was LOVING the feeling of it inside of her. You could tell that she instantly realized this was something her girlfriend could never do for her, that’s for sure! Hey, she even enjoyed getting her pussy eaten out… fuck what a view ah!!! Guess it’s true after all, Mr Naughty is better at pussy-eating than a Lesbian!

Omsin was taking every moment to enjoy how his dick felt both on it’s way in and out, but also deep inside throbbing within! She wanted to savor every moment of it then she just exploded in a loud, jaw-droppping, dick-squeezing and carnal-urge-unleashing orgasm that shook her from head to toe! If you’ve ever had such a tight and beautiful girl on top exploding into an almost virgin-like tight-pussied full-blast orgasm like this before, you’ll know what I mean when I say that she literally went off into lala-land! Every ounce of her was in pure ecstasy from the moment that orgasm began until the very end when his baby-batter splashed all across her beautiful and FULLY-SATISFIED body! Wallet be damned, this still-quivering teenage pussy was in no state of mind to care about anything else except of how good that felt!

It may have been a sin for something so young, sweet and pristine to be subject to these two pervs behind her girlfriend’s back, but its one that I bet she would gladly repeat… over and over and over again if her pussy could just handle it! Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny!