Welcome back for another update, guys. This time, Milk hooked John up with her 25yo friend Oom. After meeting up and heading off in a Tuktuk together, they went straight away to the hotel. In elevator, she was already getting kissy-kissy with her tall foreigner friend here, so one could already guess that she was pretty excited about the torrid affair she was about to have. One thing’s for sure, with sexy legs and a short dress like this, it won’t be long before John dives in and goes after that sweet little ass and pussy of hers. Do we know our hound-dog, or what?

Sure enough, after posing for a few pics, John cold not help but inspect the goods and was greatly surprised and excited about what he found: A black pair of thongs that can barely contain her mound of love and splitting glorious glutes in the back. What a nice little bubble. Not big enough to be considered a booty, not small enough to be ignored. Perfect. This girl was ready to party and loved to present her ass to him for his use and enjoyment. Atta-girl! This is just one of the many advantages of having past-pussy doing all the ground-work for you and finding you girls; they’re already ready for a good time and know exactly what they are there for. No time to waste, meat-mittens need filled!

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Lucky for us, John was able to resist the urge to fill her meat-mitten with his juice and moved on to see just how receptive her mouth would be. Sure enough, man… Oom went to lunch on his dick and as even with a power-outage part-way through, she still cold not wait to get him hard and in her mouth again.

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