February 8, 2017 » Going out in Phuket, Thailand

I had a good sleep and took a long rest to prepare for partying in Phuket, tonight. I met with my new ladyboy friend for a bite to eat and then I went to her beer bar at night, in the famous walking street full of bars.

I must say that I had a really good time. Talked with many ladyboys to find me some pussy to shoot for my Asian Sex Diary. After many tequila shots, they started to act a bit strange… but that’s just how they are. They already called a girl to possibly do a shoot and she had a few drinks with us (see from 9:38 in the video). I really liked her and she was willing to go with me but not for a shoot. We tried to talk about it with her but I couldn’t convince her. Damn, she made me crazy. When she was dancing on stage, you can see that she was not even wearing panties. So frustrating but I had to accept it.

I left with a few phone number. Let’s hope something will come out of this and these ladyboys will not disappoint.