Welcome back all! This time, John headed out early in the morning when things were less busy to see if he could find something a little more on the innocent or girl-next-door side of things. It honestly didn’t even take him very long before spotting a couple walking but it’s as soon as he seen Pauw and the way she shyly checked him out like a schoolgirl at her first prom that the brakes were slammed on. Quick, turn around! Happy as fuck that Mr Handsome noticed her, she hopped right up in the tuktuk. Moments later, you could see the gears turning “OH sheet, what’d I just commit myself to?” Hell with it… go with the flow little honey. And that’s just what she did.

Her English was terrible, but she was still cute. Even the tuktuk driver had to comment on her beauty. You know it’s good, when. Once out of the racket-machine, she opened up some more and became quite excited on their way up to his hotel room. There was no convincing needed. No nothing. They just went straight tot he hotel room and she began showing off her dress (or lack of dress in a mere few moments!). We missed some backstory here and I even had to go look up her ID to know who the hell this chick even was, but it’s like magic happened out there on a street. a glance, a smile… a hello… and without convincing… right off to go ride in the hotel room! I wonder how many times John pinched himself while filming this one, haha.

Ok, well what about the bits n plumbing, right? Well, before we get there, I must admit something: When I first took look of this scene, I thought to myself “What? She’s cute as heck, but different for John’s normal tastes… what’s going on here?!” but then once she got that dress out of the way and seeing how playfully she posed, we all get to see what John already knew at first glance… what a damb fine body and a killer appetite for exploration and pleasure she had hidden under there… oh man what temple of lust. Chiseled shape… perfect ass… amazing little firm tits… I think you guys already have an idea what kind of rocket this girl is. But, does the action suit the vessel? You better fucking bet it does.

A quick barrage of pause-inspiring strip and exploration sequences later, we see that this fine little piece was already wet with anticipation and by the looks of things, has hardly had any miles put on it. Totally fresh, isn’t she? Getting into action, John couldn’t help himself and quickly ate her out before presenting her with his dick. Small mouth, gentle sucks with slow (yet determined) ambition, she soon found herself determined to get as much face time with his dick as she could. Maybe she was delaying the eventual? I mean, you seen her pussy… you just know she’s about to suffer some collateral damage to her nether regions. Lets just say, upon first insertion, her eyes rolled sideways and it was like watching an anaconda slip into a mouse-hole. Silent, moanless and lost in her own world of pleasure, we get treated to multiple penetration angles of her tight little hole getting stretched but also witness to how much this girl loves to fuck in cowgirl. Ahg, what a view!

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny.