Guys, John T here. Look, many know my heart lies with the Philippines but when I visit Thailand, there’s an indescribable pull that almost threatens to keep me here forever. Is it the culture? As much as I enjoy it, no. Is it the faster-paced modern lifestyles? That definitely helps but… no, that’s not it either. It’s the FUN pussy man! Check out Ping here and I think you’ll understand.

To me, she is a real Thai stunner! She’s tight like a tiger (where it matters, at least – looks like she’s had some stretch marks for some time, even though she is only 23!), probably had a few trips around foreign trouser rods and is totally fun as hell! I had a blast with this smiling, curiously sexy-serious-looking slow-thinker and I could almost anticipate her eventual and soon-coming explosion of sexual reaction but it still ended up catching me off-guard. To make it more interesting, she could hardly even spit English, let alone speak it. I don’t think she even moaned in English, or any recognizable language for that matter.

At times, I felt like I was with a Thai teen freshly in town for her first time. The view of her pussy, spectacular! Her small tits, delicious. But for me guys, what really got me horny like a dog for her heat was when she took my cock in hand, licked, sucked, teased and gobbled it, just like that. It was one of the best blowjobs I have had in a long time! Then, minutes later, she was cumming on my cock like I was saving her life! Just that good man! I can’t really remember how many times I almost came inside this girl. I really can’t. And with her being this fun to fuck, I just couldn’t stop guys! I am happy that I saved the big cum for last guys, right up her pussy!

Now, I am tired and going to bed but I wanted to share this update with you guys from the last time I was in Thailand. Thanks guys! I hope you enjoyed it. John Pussy-Master Tron!