Hey all, welcome back for another Tuktuk patrol! Today, we have Mr Nice along with a new friend named Max. Figuring he’d change things up a bit for us, he decided to give this new bloke a try at picking up unsuspecting pussy for the first time on camera here with us all here. So with that being said, take a deeper look into Max’ first time in the hot-seat looking for a good time stunner!

Max is not our usual casual-couldn’t-give-a-shit stunt-cock that we’re used to going around girl-hunting but from the very beginning, we knew that his top-dressed attire would attract a stunner. Afterall, it doesn’t matter where in the world you go… women are attracted to the illusion of money and a good time like flies are attracted to dead flounder. Which only proves to be true after heading to a little street vender to sit down for a drink. Within seconds, Max proved his eagerness and blossoming pussy-power the second he spotted this stunning-looking almost half-n’half Thai girl sitting beside him by quickly making initial contact and slick as the devil himself, then scooted up real quick to strike while the pickin’s hot along with Mr Nice’s experience in getting them hooked into conversation. Good thing, too… because Max began chowing down on her din-din and his stomach took control. Mr. Nice quickly sealed the deal and the ruse to get her in the Tuktuk on way to the hotel was ON. After a few more bites on her tab, that is!! Classic! Save room big guy… you still got desert back at the hotel!

En-route, it was quite obvious to us that Max was stepping a bit out of his comfort zone since he’s a newbie to doing this on camera and on-the-fly like this but I must say, he still kept good composure and the excitement of a soon-successful score written across his face was plenty enough to keep this girl excited. I doubt she even knew he’s never done anything like this. All shee’s seein’ is a dollar $ign suit with a smile, haha! Mr Nice being the charmer, kept her entertained long enough to reach the hotel and for her to reach into his pants and get some slobber on his knob!

By this time, any shyness left between the two was quickly melted away and being unable to even wait for their clothes to come off, he began to power this lovely gal from behind – what a view! Sometimes life here is rag-tag bag-n-tag fellas… some serious fuckin’s gotta be done and there’s little time to wait to get started! Ploy never did end up completely disrobed though since she doesn’t seem comfortable showing her mommmy-marks across her tummy. Not that it mattered with how eagerly she mounted and spun that cock, that built-for-fucking ass of hers and glorious pair of mini satellite-dish tits. Mamma was getting some and was getting it good! What a rocket… this girl loves to fuck good on top but takes a laydown fuck like its her lover… with nervous but curious enjoyment.

All in all this was a great pickup and a great fuck, I must say. Max proved that with a bit more experience, he’s got the nuts for the job and already proved that he loves Thai pussy like the best of them! And well, Ploy proved that all she got out of this top-dressed bloke was payment in white pearls for her hard work, haha. Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny.