September 16, 2014 » Princess 2 flashback 3

Stayed in my hotel all day long. I’ve had it with Philadelphia! I am so bored here.

I edited another Flashback with Princess from Angeles for you guys. And for your patience, I am adding a short version of the Trike Patrol episode I made with her.

But guys, just when I decided to book a ticket for tomorrow, I got a message from Angel. Yes! No news from her since our disaster date and now suddenly I got a message saying something like “Hi, why we not chat anymore?” I replied “You said maybe, I was waiting for you to decide.”

Followed by a conversation like this:

Angel: Oh sorry. I want to meet again, you know.
Me: When?
Her: Friday I can
Me: Sure?
Her: 100%

So now, I don’t know what to do. This sounds hopeful. What you think, guys? Stay or go?