Hey guys, welcome back! This episode, John was heading out to meet up with Milk. Since meeting friends like this usually ends up in a Tuktuk Patrol episode being filmed, John preemptively filmed his meeting just incase something special happened. Immediately upon being face to face with her, she told John that she has a friend with her for him, one that wants to take “photos” with him, now. Sometimes, as much as a surprise it is when it happens… it’s still not a surprise. This is Thailand, afterall. So here we have it, a surprise blind date! What a gift!

After first going for a drink (while filming her 23yo ass along the way), getting to know her a bit and telling her about Tuktuk Patrol, the two were soon on their way for a memorable blind date, thanks to our lovely new little ball-bustin’ MILF friend, Milk. Puy couldn’t speak a whole lot of English but communication was definitely smoothed over with the other girls’ help, for sure. Which brings me to another reason why it’s always amazing to have pussy that helps you get more pussy, they’re always there helping you unwrap the very gifts they bring to you, haha! While we firmly hold strong that you should never “fraternize” much with your prey for fear of attachment issues, money drama and lord knows what schemes these hungry girls come up with, but if you can get a few good runs out with them and have pussy deliveries with someone that’s earned your trust, a trip to Thailand can really turn into a real vacation with no foot-work needed.

Fast forward to the hotel room, this sexy-dressed pussy-gift was having her fair share of gropes and groans as she posed nervously for the camera. She’s definitely a shy one but lucky for us, the more she was opening up for the camera, the more this girl was loving all the attention this white bloke with a tent in his pants was giving her. Upon noticing this, she immediately became curious as to what was about to quite possibly turn her into a MILF much like her friend Milk very soon. You could almost tell this was her first white guy and between the doe-eyed lost in the headlights look down the camera lens at times, she was very interested, sort of scared and most likely unlikely sure if her small mouth could handle it because after a long staring contest with the one-eyed white zipper snake, her first fitments of cock in her talk-box were quite cautious. However, she quickly got her warm, wet and cock-wrapping mouth up to the task in a quite beautiful sensual game of hide-the-weenie in her mouth within short time. All on her knees, in her cute dress and high heels. What a view. Of course, the curiosity and intensity was returned in her favor, as well.

John then quickly stuffed into what was a very juicy, eager-yet-nervous and tight warm place that we’re all here for… that hairy little honey pot of hers. Between fits of orgasm, pleasure, pain and fear of her insides being re-arranged, Ploy finally laid back wasted and spent with a steaming pile of baby batter deep within her loins. The look on her face says it all in this one; she’s already questioning whether or not all that doggie riding, pussy smashin’ and cock sucking pleasure was worth the the possible and likely inevitable 3-season invasion of her womb. But, once she cracks that smile after a thumbs up, it’s obvious that thought quickly passed as she felt that cover of satisfaction engulf her body aftershock after aftershock.

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny.