Well, well, another patrol, another cute young pussy cream-pied. This time it’s at the hands of King Baliw, after scooping up a pretty-faced Pinay by the name of Richelle on a dark lonely back street. A short trike ride later and he had her just where he wanted ‘er: in a trashy short time motel with dubious looking stains on the bed sheets.

Now you wouldn’t take a classy, slightly older lady with good conversation skills to this kind of place. Oh, no, those are the types you’d spend a few more pesos on wining and dining a little bit. But a young, wide-eyed LBFM like Richelle here, who isn’t much in the way of talkative, is the ideal example of wham-bam slap piece. Cute, fun to look at and ready for poking til your dick’s content. Very low maintenance you could say. Running water, TV and a bed for an hour or two are all it takes to make the Richelle’s of the Islands happy. Oh, that and a free trike ride of course!

What Richelle lacks in words, she makes up for in willingness. This young lass was ready for action before the room got cool. That’s just how we like ’em here! She had her eager dick-beaters wrapped around KB’s pole just a few moments of shedding her PJs and getting an oral priming from him. She might still have more to learn in the blowjob department, but she’s only 20 after all. She has many more miles of cock ahead of her to perfect that craft on.

KB stuffed his hefty meatstick into her moist, nicely shaven little hole and then proceeded to pummel it with lust-filled abandon. Richelle climbed atop and put in an admirable cowgirl performance; really getting into a riding rhythm towards the end. And what an end it was. After switching things up and banging away at her little twat in missionary some more, KB pulled out only half-way as he exploded her innards with DNA-infused cream bursts.

The resulting visual was a slimy, drippy one, as you might well expect. Well done, ol’ boy!