With Steven back at it again in the Philippines for us, he experienced what all PI traveler’s invariably do when he met back up with a piece of “ass from the past”. Rose, a petite, perky peppy little dick fiend, was one of Steven’s first conquests more than a year ago. (see the first encounter here) So when he bumped into her again he was more than happy to bump uglies once again.

For Rose’s part, the lust-filled feelings were mutual and she couldn’t wait to find a trike back to Steven’s hotel. “Just 10 minutes”, she kept saying. That’s all she wanted. How considerate a girl is that? Doesn’t wanna take all your time; just wants 10 minutes to suck and fuck you dry, and let you be on your way. That’s marriage material right there, ain’t it?

Well, forgoing any courtship or ceremony, Steven and Rose hitched a trike directly to the honeymoon suite. And by honeymoon suite, I mean a seedy, grimy little short-time tourist motel room made for one thing and one thing only: mindless fucking!

And mindless fuck they did, for a period lasting longer than 10 minutes actually, but who’s going to complain? Steven finished up this scintillating reunion in the only way a good Trike Patrol man should: With a huge sticky facial of course!