What do you get when you cross 3rd-world internet with a new update just boiling to be exposed? Nothing… seriously. 2 days later and here we go finally!

As it started out, John was at the beach scoping a tall girl who looked quite lost. Nice legs, short shorts… walking around like she was tweaking, so being sensible, John moved on and lucky for us, that was the first best thing he did on this day. Not long after spotted a cutie in a short skirt walking along the beach. Seemed good from behind, time to introduce!

Turns out Sa here is 29 and quite easy to get along with. Maybe she’s a MILF? Or maybe it’s because when approaching 30, they can’t be too picky if they want the chance to snag a western stallion like John here but she doesn’t need to know the part where John fucks off to the next girl until after the deed is done, right? After some more easy conversation, getting this girl to go from posing on the beach to posing in his hotel room was easier than unzipping. Sometimes (most of the time) it’s just that easy to find yourself a Thai fling over here. It’s not only called the Land Of Smiles just because their women are always smiling, it’s because for us foreign blokes, we’re sporting smiles all the time too!

Once back at the hotel, it was not long before john saw just what was up that skirt and in store for his own pleasure. It’s like this girl was excited just to be touched! Playful, happy, always smiling and offering up sexy views with very little convincing. It’s like her wet dream just came true and as you’re about to find out, the life of an expat in Thailand looking for a Thai fling, is a living dream-cum-true for all of us!

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny!