September 16, 2016 » Tawtaw

I arrived in China early this morning. So happy man! I want Chinese pussy so badly.

I slept a few hours in my room and sent some messages to a few mamasans and other favorite girls (yes, Qele as well). 11am and I got plenty of messages already. A mamasan said that she had a perfect girl for me, very skinny. Unbelievable how these mamasans never forget my tastes.

At 1pm she arrived with a girl named Tawtaw, a 19yo and yes… super-skinny with a bony ass. Perfectly my taste. I could film a little bit and she promised a proper shoot if she could come back. Sounded like a perfect deal to me. I somehow was also happy to fuck this first Chinese girl without being busy with my camera. It was really a great fuck, man. No creampie. I came on her ass. Next time will be allowed, she said!

Ok, guys, let’s rock this town!